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Just Picture Your Wedding Day

You're both smiling from cheek to cheek as you experience the happiest day of your lives.  Your family is elated and friends envious of your perfectly orchestrated wedding and now it’s time for some fun!

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EasyBooth allows all your guests, young and old, to leave you funny and hilarious photos or record up to 30 seconds of video messages in their own time, just by visiting the booth as many times as they like.

It's almost guaranteed you'll find the photos and video messages become more and more hilarious as the night progresses and maybe some people will even make a bit of a fool out of themselves on camera!

EasyBooth will add even more glamour to your party theme and venue, and with it's Large 24" Touch Screen Display, 1080p High Definition Camera, Professional Shotgun Microphone and Easy-To-Use User prompts allows all your guests to open up and have fun.

The whole experience is effortless for you, as on the day we'll arrive before your reception starts, set everything up and remain there for the whole hire period to ensure it is totally enjoyed by all your guests.

No stress, no surprises, just fantastic fun.

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Don’t forget also included with EasyBooth are the Message Videos for guests and those special messages or the  Lip Sync Videos for guests to have even more fun to see who can lip sync the best depending on package.