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EasyBooth Flasher Software

The EasyBooth Flasher Software application enables fellow photo boothers the option to display

a flashing graphic on their booth screen to help eliminate guests not look at the camera when taking photos.


Use on top of your photobooth or mirrorbooth software

Helps eliminate not looking at Camera when Flasher located at top of screen

Use Flasher to display a flashing graphic on top of your screen application.  Fully customisable to your own preferences and design.

Just design your screens with space where the Flasher will display.

Create your own flasher graphics at 800 x 100 pixels in .png format.

Specifically created for Social Booth

(Use the Triggers Tab in Social Booth Setup)

You simply select the settings in the setup application and press Preview

Choose the location for the Flasher

Choose Flasher graphic images to use

(Or Create your own graphics so totally unique)

Sample Flasher graphics included

Full working copy of EasyBooth Flasher Software

Use the simple installer to install files to a new folder “C:\Flasher”.


When running on your system it will currently have an incorrect licence file and therefore inform you

that the software is unregistered at end of display.

If you like the EasyBooth Flasher software and would like to purchase valid licence keys for your systems:

Simply contact me and we can arrange payment via PayPal and delivery of your licence key(s)

or simply use the PayPal buttons below.

The cost of the EasyBooth Marquee Software is:

Only $14.99 for single Licence Key

(Licence keys are not transferable between systems)

You can contact me at: Email: ajhunt@freeuk.com or Facebook: Anthony Hunt

If you have any questions or require bulk purchase please feel free to email and ask as always here to help.

EasyBooth Flasher Setup Screen

Further Help

If any further help or assistance is needed please just drop me an email or contact me via Facebook.

If you have Team Viewer installed I can always connect remotely and assist you.

You can contact me at:

Email: ajhunt@freeuk.com

Facebook: Anthony Hunt

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask as always here to help.

PayPal: Buy Flasher PayPal: Buy Flasher

(One Licence Key)

(One Licence Key)

Example of using Flasher with standard Social Booth default background screens