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Change Background Social Booth


ChangeBGSB is specifically created to be used with Social Booth to enable the option to automatically change the animated backgrounds for each session when greenscreen is being used.

Just download and install, and then add the option into the “Triggers Tab” in Social Booth.

1.  Tick the box for External Command 1

2.  Enter the command “C:\ChangeBGSB\ChangeBGSB.bat” (without double quotes)

3.  Set the Screen to Trigger Command as “Start” or “Thanks” screen

4.  Configure “ChangeBGSB_Setup” to where to look for the new animated screens.

Additional Animated Backgrounds are offered and designed to specifically work with the great animated GIF background option of Social Booth but may also be usable by other photobooth software where animated GIFs are 600 x 400 pixels.

Full working copy of ChangeBGSB

Use the simple installer to install files to a new folder “C:\ChangeBGSB”.


When running on your system it will currently have an incorrect licence key file and therefore inform you that the software is unregistered.

If you like the ChangeBGSB software and would like to purchase valid licence keys for your systems:

Simply contact me and we can arrange payment via PayPal and delivery of your licence key(s)

or simply use the PayPal buttons below.

The cost of the ChangeBGSB Software is:

Only $19.99 for One Licence Key or $34.99 for Two Licence Keys

(at time of initial purchase only - Licence keys are not transferable between systems)


You can contact me at: Email: ajhunt@freeuk.com or Facebook: Anthony Hunt

If you have any questions please feel free to email and ask as always here to help.

PayPal: Buy ChangeBGSB PayPal: Buy ChangeBGSB

(One Licence Key)

(Two Licence Keys)

Optional Extra Animated Background Screens

Below are 12 optional extra animated background files offered as a pack of 12.

Simply unzip and save into Sub-Folders of the Main Folder of ChangeBGSB

The cost of the additional pack of animated background screens is:

Only $24.99 and can be used by all purchased copies of ChangeBGSB or as normal in Social Booth

PayPal: Buy Additional Background Screens PayPal: Buy Additional Background Screens

Suggestion would be to select 3 or 4 of your chosen animated backgrounds so not having too many

being rotated and used within Social Booth.  All 12 optional animated backgrounds can be used if wanted.